I hear a lot of people talking about “style” and how to find yours. For me, I’ve always bristled a little bit at the idea of having a style. By having a style, I think you run the risk of shoe horning or boxing yourself into a particular type of image. I prefer to have clear approach rather than style.  By having an approach versus a style, it allows me to adapt to a much wider range of situations and clients. What is my approach or goal when I pick up my cameras?


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Fire Hammer

(Fuji XT-1 + 14/2.8)

The first leg is honesty. Am I being honest and accurate to the situation, person, emotions and environment? It is important to me that my imagery allows the viewer to feel like they were there. Rather than walking into a situation and figuring out what I can create, I seek to find the beauty that already exists. There is always something. Sometimes it’s the light, or color, or environment, people, or interactions/emotions. It may be as simple as an unexpected moment of tenderness.

(Fuji XT-1 + 23/1.4)

Also, and very important, it is most important, that what I show them is something they could have seen if they were standing next to me. It may be a fleeting moment, but was there.
The second leg is K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Stupid. Granted, occasionally a client needs something dynamic and splashy. But more often than not, simple is a much better play. This also ties into the first leg of honesty. Sometimes it’s just a little patience and a cell phone light on your subjects.

(Fuji XT-1 + 14/2.8)

The third leg is communication. Whether an editorial, commercial or corporate client, it’s important that everyone is on the same page with the goals and visual message we are trying to achieve. This may require some to put their ego aside and do what is necessary for the client rather than what you want. Even with your personal work, be clear on the message you want to communicate.

(Fuji XT-1 w/ Nikkor 85/2)

That covers all the things about me as a photographer. But if you’re still reading this, let’s get real. I’m a father, husband, friend, coach and a man who enjoys the simple, every day things in life. Watching my wife read a book to the little one. Taking the family camping on the spur of the moment. Hearing the kids laugh at something funny on their own. Coaching baseball and watching the boys work, learn, and realize the strength and success they never know they had. There is beauty in all of the little daily moments that I fear most people miss searching for the big moments.



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